Salmon with squash pasta


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Made this for dinner the other day, and it’s delicious! You simply just have to try!


Ingredients (portion for 2 people):

* 1 zucchini

* 1 tomato

* 1/2 cucumber

* 2 pieces (125 gram) of salmon

* 100 ml coconut milk

* 1 or 2 tsp of curry

* 1 piece of garlic and half a onion

* some fresh basil if you want

Spice it up with salt and pepper.

The salad is simple! Just cut a tomato and put it on your plate with cucumber slices in-between.

Cook the salmon on low heat with some chopped up garlic and salt and pepper.

Cut the zucchini in thin pieces, just like spaghetti. I didn’t have a grater/food processor so I just did it by hand. Put the zucchini  in a large pan with a tsp of butter, garlic and onion. Add a teaspoon or two of curry (depending on how strong you want your curry taste). Add some salt and pepper and 100 ml of coconut milk. Let it cook until it’s tender.

Now put it on your plate, and add some fresh basil on the salmon or on the salad.

Enjoy!  😀

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Greek yoghurt


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Starting with something simple. Greek yoghurt, or yoghurt is probably something all of you have had before. It’s simple and delicious for breakfast, lunch or maybe as a snack. You can also add fruits and nuts if you like.

Because I’m a celiac I usually add a teaspoon of coconut flour to my yoghurt. It tastes good, and it gives me the extra fibre that I need together with f.eks. mango, kiwi and almonds.


What do you usually eat for breakfast? And what do you usually eat with your yoghurt?


Hello, world!

For a long time I’ve looked for a webpage where I can get new healthy ideas for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are too many food pages with the same type of boring food. To find new, inspirational and international recipes you have to search far and wide and with some luck you might find something that intrigues you. But what webpage is the best?

On this blog I want to collect the healthiest and most delicious recipes from all over the world. While doing this, I want to share Gluten and Milk free recipes and show you how to adapt amazing recipes to fit your needs. Just because you have an allergy doesn’t mean you can’t eat foodeliciously!

So, if you have a delicious recipe that you really want to share with the rest of the world. Well, why don’t you send it to me?

  • Go to your email and write to
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That will make it a lot easier for people to follow the kind of food they like.

Eat healthy, good and try something new!

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