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What have you guys had for dinner/lunch today? I was in the mood for something I eat maybe once a year, a burger! Of course I had to make it myself, then I can make a healthier version out of it, and I can add the vegetables I want!


I made the hamburger bread from the scones recipe I posted couple of days ago. By making scones, you don’t have to wait for hours for the bread to be done. I love that! Especially if you are really hungry.

So, scones here, and the burger is really simple.

Ingredients: (2 people)

* 400 grams of ground beef

* 1/2 dl. water

* spices you like

Put the meat in a bowl and add the water little by little. (You don’t want it to look like a meat porridge.) Use a fork and mix for about 3 minutes, add the spices you want and done. Really simple.

Heat up your pan, add a little bit of butter or oil, take a spoon full of the meet and form in our hand like a burger. Put in the pan and let it cook  for about 15 minutes. Depends how big/thick your burgers are. If you want to make sure they are done, just cut one of them in half, and check.

Cut the scones in two, and add cucumber, tomato, lettuce and cheese for example.

Enjoy! 😉


Want me to post your recipe? Email me at 1foodelicious@gmail.com 

Have a nice Saturday!!! 😀