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The other day I had no idea what to make for dinner. The only thing I had in my fridge was a tomato, chicken and sweet potato. Not a exciting meal if you ask me. Besides I really wanted waffles. Thats when it hit me, why not make sweet potato waffles? So I did!



Waffle ingredients:

* 2 eggs

* 300 g. sweet potato

* 1 dl. milk (if you are alergic to milk, try coconut milk)

* 25 g. coconut flour

* 25 g. gluten free flour (or normal flour if you can eat that)

* 1 tbs. baking soda

* 1 tbs. quark

Chicken ingredients:

* spices you like. I had salt and pepper, oregano and basil.

* 2 chicken breast

* 1 big tomato

* 1/2 bell pepper

* 1/2 onion

* tooth of garlic

* quark

First cut the sweet potato and boil until soft. 15-20 minutes should be enough. Peel the potato and mash it with a fork or you can blend it. Now, put the rest of your waffle ingredients in a bowl and blend until it is a thick dough.


Find your waffle iron, if you don’t have that you can make pancakes. While you are making the waffles, cut the chicken breast and cook with some sliced tomato, pepper, onion and garlic.

When the waffles and the chicken are done, add a couple of tbs. of quark on the side.



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